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Note to listeners: We've finished up with season 1 of the podcast, and all episodes can be accessed on your favourite podcatcher, or on Youtube if you follow the link below. We had an amazing time speaking to all of our guests this year and are looking forward to the next season of interviews, which will appear on podcatchers in early 2022.

There is so much science and action happening that's shedding light on not only our current impact on the planet but also the things that we can do to find a new path forward. Part of that story is about following the science, but the other part is about the people that are doing the science and the action that will spur transformative change. Join hosts Stu Livingstone and Karen Smith as they put a spotlight on the people that are studying and thinking about environmental change. Subscribe to learn about our place in the environments that are emerging around us.

Emerging Environments Hosts

Karen Smith

Karen received her BSc. in Applied Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering from Queen’s University in 2002, and her Master’s in Environmental Science and Engineering from Caltech in 2004. After a short stint in environmental consulting, she completed her PhD in Atmospheric Physics with Paul Kushner at the University of Toronto (St. George) in 2011. Karen’s research focuses on climate and atmospheric variability and change in the mid-latitude and polar regions. She is currently an Assistant Professor (Teaching Stream) and the Director of the Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Professional Masters of Environmental Science program at the University of Toronto-Scarborough.


Stu Livingstone

Stu received his BSc. in Environmental Science from the University of Toronto (St. George) in 2012, and then studied under Professors Marc Cadotte and Marney Isaac at the University of Toronto-Scarborough towards the completion of his PhD in 2017. His graduate work focused on the ecology and management of invasive plant species in Ontario, and he has published extensively on a variety of conservation and ecology subjects. He is currently an Assistant Professor (Teaching Stream) in the Professional Masters of Environmental Science at the University of Toronto-Scarborough where he teaches Conservation Policy, Professional Scientific Literacy and Topics in Applied Biodiversity.


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